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The Media Cluster creates conditions that are favourable to developing the media industry in Lodz by supporting the companies and entrepreneurs in their project implementations, in particular in the area of filmmaking, television, and new media, taking advantage of the local economic potential and the research resources of the Polish National School of Film, Television, and Theatre and other regional education and research and development centres.

The Media Cluster exploits more than 60-years of Lodz’s filmmaking tradition and the high human, research, cultural, and economic potential of the local media market, and fits in the Lodzkie Region’s Strategy and the Lodz Council’s scheme titled \”Lodz Cluster as a Pro-innovation Cooperation Network in the Region\”.

The key objectives of the Media Cluster are as follows:

  • enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of the regional media industry by reinforcing the networks linking local entrepreneurs, business and professional bodies, institutions of higher education, research and development centres, and other legal entities and natural persons;
  • create platforms for exchange of ideas informed by the potential of the Lodzkie Region’s media circles, and support their business projects;
  • incubate and develop innovative media projects that fit in the infrastructure and the strategic targets of the City and the Region;
  • build relations with transregional and transnational media investors;
  • stop the outflow of university graduates, educate new human resources and create attractive jobs in the area of the media industry;
  • create Lodz’s image as a city that is friendly to media investors, boasts modern infrastructure and the resources necessary to implement most advanced film, television, and multimedia productions.

The Media Cluster is comprised of nearly 50 companies and institutions from the Lodzkie Region that have declared to:

  • actively contribute to the objective of creating and developing the Media Cluster in the Lodzkie Region;
  • support each other’s actions aiming to attract investors and funds for the development of joint projects;
  • adjust their range of services to the needs of the entities active within the Media Cluster.

The Media Cluster Partners participate in its activities through a broad variety of actions:

  • new project proposals: put forward and jointly implement new ideas, business concepts, research and development projects in the media industry;
  • additions to existing projects: cooperate and participate in projects implemented by other media cluster members;
  • seeking investors and partners: identify and liaise with investors/financing institutions or companies/persons willing and able to help implement projects;
  • employing local suppliers and resources: obtain detailed information on companies active in the media industry, filming locations and facilities, qualified professionals;
  • event participation: participate in events organised by the Media Cluster (business meetings, festivals and industry fairs, trainings, workshops, etc.);
  • upgrading qualifications and knowledge sharing: exchange information on the media industry and own competencies that might be utilised by other Media Cluster members.


    Janusz Rau
    Director of Łódź Film Center
    29 Łąkowa Str., 90-554 Łódź
    phone: +48 (42) 639 56 01, fax: +48 (42) 636 04 87

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